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Train the Trainer (Accelerated Learning)

Are you also asked to teach your colleagues something faster and more effectively than before? It doesn’t make a difference whether we train and teach from time to time or we do it regularly, most of us have the tendency to neglect some key points in the teaching process because of time pressure. This way is usually contra productive. We have a feeling that we saved time, but in fact, based on our approach our listeners need even more time compared to how it should have originally been done. How should it have been done? Many people immediately imagine the ability to give presentations. Unfortunately knowledge of presentation principals is not enough.


  • To become familiar with basic approaches of Accelerated learning – effective method for adult education.
  • To learn how to prepare a lesson – what we shouldn’t forget.
  • To be able to get participants attention and keep them active. 
  • To get acquainted with different ways in how to give feedback.
  • To realize that to present and to lead a course isn’t the same.
  • To practice some “coaching processes”, which help participants learn better and faster. 


  • Differences between training and education
  • Intelligence types and how to work with them
  • Six steps in the learning process
  • Qualities and skills of the effective trainer
  • Structure of every lesson
  • How to keep listeners attention
  • Asking questions
  • Giving feedback
  • How our memory works
  • Coaching process GROW
  • Types of coaching, coaching principals
  • Types of course participants
  • Building of the training structure


  • The training is run in an active way, all participants are involved.
  • It is built on examples from real life, everybody will practice how to teach his/her own area. Key parts of the program are practical exercises after each topic.


Public course length:
2 days
Course for company length:
1 day - 4 days

Tailored course

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Train the Trainer (Accelerated Learning)
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