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Time Management

It is typical in the current working environment that there are more and more requirements which we have to complete. It is expected that we will do activities which we have done for a long time faster than before; that we will become quickly acquainted with activities which are new for us; and generally we will be able to do more in a shorter period of time. This requirement is constantly valid. It would be naive to think that the situation is different in other areas or companies. It is good to know that the same requirement exists everywhere. All companies which would like to stay in business have the same demanding circumstances – their customers expect better service which has to be delivered faster, cheaper and in excellent quality. There appears to be a discrepancy between time, quality and cost. It wouldn’t be a problem to do all activities perfect if we had unlimited time and resources. It wouldn’t be a problem to do everything faster and cheaper if the quality weren’t important. A simplified conclusion could be the following – demands are so high that it is not possible to fulfill them. In reality people exist who manage their work successfully and other people who are always stressed and always miss some important aspects of their work. The difference is not in their job description, but only in their ability to manage themselves, to look at their activities truthfully and to look regularly for opportunities for improvement.


  • To analyze our own situation from a Time Management point of view.
  • To find our biggest external and internal “time thieves”.
  • To acquire the main Time Management principals.
  • To define what can help us (each individually) to use our time more effectively.
  • To realize that Time Management is connected with our personality type, and personal values, etc.
  • To become acquainted with 20 tips for better Time Management.


  • External and internal “time thieves”
  • The most frequent “time thieves”
  • Paradoxes and mistakes in Time Management
  • 4 generations of Time Management
  • People types based on how they handle time
  • Eisenhower’s quadrant of time
  • Performance process
  • Monthly, weekly and daily planning
  • Setting priorities
  • Eliminating interruptions 
  • Delegation
  • Leading meetings
  • 20 tips for better Time Management


  • The program is run in an interactive way
  • Participants analyze their real situations and work processes and look for possibilities on how to (each specifically) handle time more effectively.


Public course length:
1 day
Course for company length:
half day - 2 days

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