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Successful Management of Change

Change becomes a permanent part of our work life. Situations, processes and duties had always changed, but in the past between the changes periods of time existed when the change was complete, processes and systems were implemented and employees could enjoy a little bit of routine and calmness. Now it works so that if one change is 80% implemented, proposals for other changes are already taking place and we are potential “victims” or managers of these new changes. It is not important whether we like it or not, it is simply “a never ending story”. That is why it is so important to understand the process of change. This is the only way to be able to manage change effectively and to succeed.
The course “Successful Management of Change” helps us understand why people usually protect themselves against a change; what process an individual goes through during change acceptance, how to lead and manage group change, what should we count on, what to prevent and in what way to communicate it in order for the people to accept the change.


  • To understand the necessity of changes in both private and work lives.
  • To become acquainted with steps which are necessary to do in order to manage change successfully.
  • To accept the importance of the human factor and necessity of communication during the whole process.
  • To realize risks which are part of each change.


  • Group vs. individual change
  • Reaction of people to a change - impact of emotions
  • Process of change acceptance
  • Aspects of change in the company (group changes)
  • Strengths of manager/leader of change
  • 8 steps of successful management of change
  • House of change - Communication in different “rooms”


  • The course is run in an interactive way.
  • Participants prepare for management of “their” change in a real environment.
  • They will practice some model situations and work on small case studies.


Public course length:
1 day
Course for company length:
1 day - 2 days

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