Sales Skills

In today´s world we use far more channels for selling then before, say just 10 years ago. We use the internet, call centers, advertisements and so on. Oddly enough it has turned out that the face to face sale hasn´t lost out in importance. Probably because the need to sell is becoming greater all the time. We are not only selling the particular product but also our own ideas, projects, ourselves. The supply is so big and everybody is selling! The question is how to sell so that the others will buy what you are selling. And for that it is not enough just to present one´s product. We have to be able to pose questions, analyze them, create specific solutions and take into consideration who is our client - the person who decides and signs. The plain statement that "our company, products and services are the most wonderful" ceased to be effective a long time ago. Our consumers are much more discerning. The program is arranged so that it includes all the important phases of a business meeting that in reality often covers a longer period of time. It defines the permanent principles and valid steps and fundamentals of every type of sale. With the help of the trainer every participant transforms these principles into things they can do practically to improve business. The principles mean that when you find yourself in a new or untried situation you have a great reference tool to fall back on and help you navigate your way through to successful outcomes. You will have a map applicable at any time.


  • To create a "map", which we can follow during a sales meeting.
  • To understand the sense of all the steps in the sales process.
  • To practice some model situations.
  • To learn how to react to objections effectively.
  • To realize the importance of dealing with clients naturally.


  • Basic phases of a business meeting
  • The preparation for a meeting
  • Settling a meeting on a phone
  • Table of potential
  • Raising interest and creating a strong starting position
  • Establishing relationships
  • Mapping situation
  • Discovering needs
  • Analysis and creating solutions
  • Treating objections
  • Negotiating
  • Making use of the emotional factor
  • Doing a deal
  • Obtaining references
  • Follow-up services


  • The training is run in an interative way.
  • It is led by a lector who has many years of  experience in the sales area.
  • It is based on an analysis of the situation and practicing model situations.


Public course length:
2 days
Course for company length:
2 days - 4 days

Tailored course

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Sales Skills
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