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Presentation Skills

Do you also think that in today´s world, full of modern conveniences, the spoken word or "face to face" communication isn´t important any more? A lot of people have the idea that an e-mail or a brief phone call can solve everything. The truth is that we can, to a certain extent, avoid talking in front of people. The dangerous thing about it is that by this we are creating a barrier, which can limit both our career and personal growth. The ability to express a thought clearly, understandably, and in an engaging way in front of an individual or a larger group of people, gives the people who have achieved it through a training the feeling of assurance and self-confidence. It is unambiguously an advantage in both your professional and personal life.


  • Improvement of the ability to engage and convince the listener.
  • Mastering the process of preparing a presentation.
  • Understanding the basic principles of presenting in front of people.
  • Elimination of habits that draw attention away from the presentation.
  • Improvement of the ability to maintain control over one´s presentation and the reactions of the audience.


  • The basics of a process of preparing a presentation and avoiding the most frequent mistakes.
  • Ways to structure the presentation depending on its purpose.
  • The elements of body language that can influence the presentation both in a positive and negative way.
  • Working with the voice.
  • Starting and ending the presentation.
  • Answering difficult questions.
  • Using support techniques (overhead projector, computer).
  • Using visual tools (flipchart, magnetic board, various types of samples).
  • Elements that make the presentation more understandable and engaging for the listener.


  • The training is led by two trainers.
  • Individual exercises have a time limit that has to be met by participants.
  • Each participant prepares his presentation according to the assignment and based on real personal working situations.
  • Each participant has to practice and do seven presentations.
  • Some presentations can be done in English.
  • Participants receive coaching during the presentations.
  • The exercises are recorded and each of them is later individually consulted in a separate room (the trainer with the participant).
  • The outcome of an individual consultation identifies strengths and areas that can still be improved.
  • The aim of the whole training is improvement of presenting, not only about gaining information.
  • Participants obtain a record of their presentations. From the chronological record the change that had occurred between the first and the last exercise is apparent.


Public course length:
2 days
Course for company length:
2 days - 3 days

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Presentation Skills
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