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Presentation Skills II (Advanced)

Only a small percentage of all presentations are really inspiring. It means that we as the listeners are sorry if for some reason we have to leave this presentation before the end. To make an inspiring presentation more than just good pronunciation and structure are required from the speaker.

Although we are quite experienced presenters, it doesn’t mean that we couldn’t be better. “Better” means to be able to attract people quickly and naturally, to involve them in a topic which they didn’t think interesting before, to make them think about an idea and to convince them to accept our suggestion.

There are people who have an innate ability to give great presentations, but most of us have to learn how to do it. Tools are known, we just need to have a good coach and enough training.

The Presentation skills course II develops tools and skills which we have already developed in Presentation skills I and adds new tools which make our presentations more professional and natural.


  • To develop areas which have already been taught in Presentation skills I.
  • To add new tools.
  • To be more professional and convincing.
  • To present interestingly without seeing our listeners.
  • To “sell” other speakers.
  • To use all tools in order to have our presentation clear and interesting.
  • To keep to a time limit, be natural and convincing even by using a complicated structure of presentation.
  • To improve your ability in giving constructive feedback to others.


  • Passing on our own experience and recommendation which comes out of this experience
  • Expression of opposite opinions in an acceptable way
  • Our own real presentation
  • To inspire others to make changes
  • Introduction and thanks to the speaker
  • Passing on a learnt procedures
  • Participation in teleconference / shared screen
  • Animated presentation

From Presentation Skills I we continue to focus on:

  • Working with voice
  • Starting and ending the presentation
  • Time for questions and answers
  • Using support techniques (overhead projector, computer)
  • Using visual tools (flipchart, magnetic board, various types of samples).


  • The training is led by two trainers.
  • Individual exercises have a time limit that has to be met by participants.
  • Each participant prepares his presentation according to the assignment and based on real personal working situations.
  • Each participant has to practice and do seven presentations.
  • Participants receive coaching during the presentations.
  • The exercises are recorded and each of them is later individually consulted in a separate room (the trainer with the participant).
  • The outcome of an individual consultation identifies strengths and areas that can still be improved.
  • The aim of the whole training is improvement of presenting, not only about gaining information.
  • Participants obtain a record of their presentations. From the chronological record the change that had occurred between the first and the last exercise is apparent.
  • A one or two hours preparation period between 1. and 2. training day is recommended.


Public course length:
2 days
Course for company length:
1 day - 3 days

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