Negotiations are part of every sales meeting if both sides (the person who sells and the person who buys) have the possibility and competence to change conditions of cooperation. We also negotiate outside of work life, even though we often don´t realize it. In private life we know without thinking, that results should be mutually beneficial. In business, people sometimes are not aware of it and have the feeling that a good negotiator has to win at any cost. When the word "negotiation" is heard, many people imagine only the use of manipulative techniques, which seem to be effective and simple. These techniques have two main disadvantages: a/ in order to be able to use them effectively, we have to have ourselves and the situation absolutely under control; b/ it can happen, that in a single instance we get what we wanted, but the "manipulated side " doesn´t want to cooperate long term. The "Negotiation Skills" course deals with the whole process of negotiation, which includes: careful preparation; finding specific information and its analysis; defining a strategy; presentation solution based on stated procedure; and manipulative techniques mentioned above, which are sometimes called tactics.


  • To get to know the negotiation process.
  • To understand the meaning of specific steps.
  • To practice model situations.
  • To become acquainted with manipulative techniques and to learn how to protect against them.
  • To enrich our own way of negotiating new processes.


  • Preparation for meeting
  • Strategy vs. tactics
  • Single instance vs. repeated meeting
  • Importance of listening
  • Body language
  • Facts and benefits for the other side
  • Expectations of the other side
  • Critical limits on both sides
  • Getting information
  • Analysis of information
  • Setting goals
  • Qualitative and quantitative point of view
  • Using emotions
  • Reaction to objections
  • Selling arguments
  • Effective techniques and procedures
  • Defense against manipulative techniques
  • Final evaluation


  • Program is run in an interactive way.
  • The important part is practicing leading an interview and case study.


Public course length:
2 days
Course for company length:
2 days - 4 days

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