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Motivation and selfmotivation

To be able to motivate others is a much desired skill. It doesn’t mean: to repeat one hundred times what the person should do, to raise voice, to speak with big emphasis or even to threaten. Whoever knows how to motivate, is on the right track to mastering a management position, and it also helps him/her sell products, services or ideas. Probably the most difficult situation is when we need to motivate people to do something, but we have no power to instruct them (typically in position of specialists).

To motivate ourselves can be even more complicated. It is in connection with discipline, with ability to postpone pleasure - first to work and later get a reward, and with many other things. The ability of self-motivation is one of the areas of emotional intelligence. It is proven that direct connection between self- motivation and ability to be successful exists.


  • To define our own vision and values.
  • To get to know motivation tools for others.
  • To realize how we can motivate ourselves.


  • drivers of success on “my” position
  • vision, mission and goals
  • motivation factors
  • motivation vs. manipulation
  • ability to accept and to give appreciation
  • ability to motivate our-selves as a part of emotional intelligence
  • worries about lack of success and what to do with it
  • self-evaluation and self-reward
  • feedback to ourselves to others
  • cycles of development


  • Program is run in an active way.
  • The important part is practicing model situations.


Public course length:
1 day
Course for company length:
1 day - 2 days

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