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Leadership for Middle Management

Middle management is a group of employees which have very difficult roles in the company. And more often than others, are between two millstones - top management and workers or other subordinates. They cannot influence strategy and fundamental decisions; they don´t have the most important information from the well (in contrast to Top Management). Nevertheless it is expected that they will be 100% loyal to the company by handing down instructions and information to their subordinates. It often means, that they have to defend regulations, which they don´t agree with nor do they know the reason they were created.On the other hand there are workers, who expect, that front men and supervisors will advocate and fight for them with company management. Middle managers are often people, who were promoted, because they were the best workers. They still feel closer to their subordinates which makes their situation more difficult. They hadn´t had opportunities to develop skills and abilities which would influence their success in their current positions (communication skills, leadership, ability to organize time, to organize work of other people, to evaluate results of other people). In production companies there is another aspect - the most important being results in production. And there is nothing to discuss. And for these results the first front-man or supervisor (middle manager) is responsible. In non-production divisions or companies it works similarly. Middle managers often have the feeling that company results are dependent on them, but they don´t get real support from company management.Many companies have realized that to invest in development of middle management in "soft skills" area pays off. The training "Middle management development" involves 6 modules, which help each middle manager be more effective in his/her work.


  • To understand which areas is necessary to be good in in order to be in management position successful.
  • To analyze our own situation / our behavior and find space for improvement.
  • To get to know proven principal and processes.
  • To practice some model situations.


  • Interpersonal skills
    • Creation of a cooperative atmosphere
    • Basic principles for dealing with people, which leads to cooperation
    • Importance of individual approach
    • Key factors which lead to success
    • Theory of the field
  • Communication
    • Communication as a tool for leading people - basic difficulties
    • Listening
    • One-way and two-ways communication, advantages and disadvantages
    • Communication filters
    • Concise, clear and structured speaking
  • Leading people
    • Motivation and manipulation
    • Tangible and non tangible motivation
    • Participation and leading meetings
    • Saying a contradictory opinion in an acceptable way
    • Clear and concise task assignment
  • Conflicts on workplace
    • Source of conflicts in workplace
    • Ways on how to solve conflicts
  • Self development
    • Personal / professional vision
    • Goal setting
    • Importance of balanced life
  • People development
    • Delegation
    • Basics of coaching
    • Approach to mistakes
    • Feedback vs. criticism


  • The program is run in an interactive way.
  • Participants analyze their own behavior and processes and are looking for a space for improvement.
  • They practice model situations.
  • The course is focused on change of attitude and acquiring new skills.


Public course length:
2 days
Course for company length:
2 days - 5 days

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