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How to Select an Employee - Leading Interview

We all have a goal to have colleagues who fit our team, are likeable to us, educated and competent specifically for the position we would like to recruit them for. They should also be highly loyal and always willing. To say it in one word, they are ideal. We cannot reach ideal, but we can manage to be at least satisfied. How can we find and choose the right people? What should the role of the HR Manager be and what is the role of the Line Manager in the process? Which of our expectations are unreal and which ones we should keep? How to lead an interview so that, we receive enough information to make our decision? The one day training will answer similar questions; it helps us form a picture about the whole selection process and it allows us to practice the interview itself. 


  • To become acquainted with steps of employee selection process.
  • To realize the importance of preparation.
  • To learn how to prepare right questions with regard to the way in which the interview will be led.
  • To practice an interview with emphasis on length of individual phases.


  • Search and obtain
    • Internal source
    • External source
  • Selection process phases
    • Administrative phase of the selection (boring, but necessary)
    • Main part of the selection - interview, tests, references
    • Selection termination
  • The interview
    • Approaches to leading an interview - chronological, behavioral, based on criteria
    • Selection criteria as an element of the job description
    • What shouldn´t be used as a selection criteria
    • Effective questioning
    • Practical aspects of leading an interview - preparation, process, termination and recording observations Main principals of leading an interview
  • What is the task from all these activities for
    • Line Manager
    • HR Manager


  • The training will be run in an active way
  • The important part is preparation and practicing leading an interview.
  • Descriptive movies are projected during the course in order to show separate phases.


Public course length:
1 day
Course for company length:
1 day - 2 days

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How to Select an Employee - Leading Interview
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