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Trainings and courses

We lead our trainings interactively, with emphasis on the active involvement of the participants. With us, people learn and master techniques of doing things in new, more efficient ways. Depending on necessity, other methods facilitating the natural learning process are used, such as coaching or moderated discussions. We can prepare each training to specifically suit the needs of your company.

Find course exactly for you, it is simple:

Courses for Supervisors

Interpersonal Skills

Basic principles of human relations, that come out of human nature. Suitable for those, who feel, that dealing with other people is stressful for them and that their plans and goals often end because of the lack of their ability to deal with and influence people.

Professional Communication in Difficult Situations

Communication in situations in which different sides have different points of view and an optimal solution is different for each of them and negative emotions dominate over logic.

Coaching in Daily Work Situations

Coaching today is an essential tool, which we need to acquire in order to be successful. Why is the situation different than before? Because the business world has changed.

Emotional Intelligence

What abilities, skills and attitudes play a role in whether a person is a good team player, can overcome daily stress situations, or if he/she has the potential to lead a team?

Employee´s Appraisal

Structure of an appraisal form, competencies, goal setting, structure of an appraisal and the way how it is led, expected and reached results.

Leadership for Middle Management

Key areas for leading people (interpersonal skills, communication, leading people, processes, self-development, people development)

Stress Management

Becoming acquianted with core of stress, how it appears and grows, what we can do in order to anticipate it and which techniques can help us to get out of stress.

Effective Meetings - the use of facilitating tools for better results

Familiarization with different types of meetings and appropriate facilitating tools.

Management of Change

The course “Management of Change” helps you understand what aspects are important in change implementation, what is necessary to plan, what strategy to choose and in what way to communicate it in order for the people to accept the change.

Time Management

Own situation analysis, planning, setting priorities, Eisenhower quadrant, proven principals and processes, which lead to better use of time.

Successful Management of Change

Importance of changes, why we don't like them, how to manage an individual change, steps of process of group change, how to lead people in process of change


The goal of this course is to practice possibilities in how to express or even stand up for our opinions in a non- conflict way while remaining acceptable for others.

Burnout Syndrome – Mental Hygiene

The course helps people understand what the burnout syndrome is, why it happens, what we can do in order to prevent it and how burnout syndrome relates to stress.

Argumentation and Discussion

Using arguments, differentiation between evidence and statement, appropriate formulations, persuasive techniques.