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Employee´s Appraisal

Appraisals should be an obvious and regular part of each manager´s work. It is useful for him/her, important for the company and it is fair to the employee. The appraisal can be done in different ways - formally, as a monolog from the boss, etc. The real goals of this appraisal are common evaluation: if the goal were attained, defining strengths of the person, defining areas which should be improved and finding ways in how to reach them. The manager and the subordinate should end the appraisal with the feeling that the situation is clear and that the employee will be supported in order to improve in areas, which will help him/her work better in the next period. Comment: In case in-house program it is necessary to get to know the situation in the organization before the final design of the program is completed including the current way of doing appraisals, competency model and company values etc. In case there is no appraisal system in place, a part of the project could be its design.


  • To realize benefits which come from regular appraisal.
  • To practice how to lead an appraisal.
  • To prepare ourselves for possible difficult situations.


  • Importance of doing appraisals (elimination of formal approach)
  • Main barriers in communication
  • Responsibility of both sides
  • Principals of leading appraisal - what keeps the dialog on a constructive level
  • Preparation process
  • How to give feedback
  • Looking for evidence in areas in which quantification is not possible (acting in harmony with company values)
  • Defining needs of development based on the results from the last period
  • Connection between development activities (training, seminars) and goals for the next period Setting criteria for evaluation development activities
  • How to react if a person over evaluates or under evaluates him/herself
  • End of appraisal


  • Program is run in an active way.
  • The important part is practicing leading an interview.


Public course length:
1 day
Course for company length:
1 day - 2 days

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Employee´s Appraisal
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