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Emotional Intelligence

Probably today everybody knows that through the pure measurement of the IQ of a person, we are not able to forecast anything about his/her success. Our education system clings consistently to the development in just this area, which is measurable and expressed by one number. Importance of other significant area - emotional intelligence, which influences how we make the grade in real life, is still under evaluated and not only in schools. The reason could be that we are not sure what this area involves and what it handles. To measure IQ is so simple while to measure emotional intelligence is inexact and very complicated.


  • To become acquainted with the content of Emotional Intelligence.
  • To understand how we are "designed", what impact emotions have on our behaviour and why.
  • To clarify what abilities, skills and attitudes play a role in whether a person is a good team player, can overcome daily stress situations, or if he/she has the potential to lead a team, etc.


  • Types of emotions
  • Types of intelligence
  • Areas of emotional intelligence, their importance in daily life
  • Positive thinking and positive approach
  • Empathy
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Criticism
  • Stress
  • Impact of emotional intelligence on company effectiveness - group IQ 


  • The course is run in an interactive way.
  • Participants will make a few excercises.


Public course length:
half day
Course for company length:
half day - 3 days

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