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Effective Meetings - the use of facilitating tools for better results

The word “meeting” is often perceived as a synonym for “lose of time” or a useless discussion without results. The reasons are different:  Bad or no preparation, undisciplined, unfamiliarity, insufficient facilitating skills or common under evaluation of this “banal” activity. Even so a trivial thing like a meeting has its patterns. In order to be effective the facilitator of the meeting should follow specific rules and should be acquainted with different methods, which would help use the time period in the best way.It is very interesting that often even in companies where costs are controlled continuously, nobody is concerned that “x” number of people spend a useless hour and at the end of this hour they are fed-up. It would be funny if we didn’t spend so much time in meetings, or if our time wasn’t so valuable.


  • To become acquainted with different methods of how to lead meetings.
  • To train practical applications of these methods.
  • To develop our facilitating skills.


  • Meetings – how to lead effective meetings
  • The rule of “3 P” (Preparation, Participants, Process)
  • Facilitator contribution – definition of his/her role, rules of facilitation
  • Participant’s contribution – definition of participant role, rules for effective participation
  • Facilitating methods:
    • A tree of problems
    • Diagram of fish skeleton / Ishikawa diagram
    • Analysis of field of force
    • Brainstorming
    • Discussion loop
    • Technique of group equality (affinity diagram)
    • Paired comparison


  • The program is run in an inter-active way.
  • Theory is immediately practiced at a model meeting.


Public course length:
1 day
Course for company length:
1 day - 2 days

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