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Burnout Syndrome – Mental Hygiene

The topic of “burnout” has become more and more real and many people would like to clarify, what this word means and how it’s possible to “treat” it. The burnout syndrome doesn’t appear from nothing, it relates to repeated stress, exceedingly high expectations of ourselves concerning our strived for results, with the inability “to switch off” and relax, with a feeling that whatever we do brings no changes etc. The typical candidates for burnout syndrome are people who work with people – employees in healthcare, in customer services, teachers, consultants, etc. 

The course helps people understand what the burnout syndrome is, why it happens, what we can do in order to prevent it and how burnout syndrome relates to stress. As a part of the course we will train some relaxation techniques.


  • To define burnout syndrome.
  • To do self-reflection of our own lives.
  • To set personal and professional priorities.
  • To use mental-relaxation and other techniques for general relaxation.


  • Definition of Burnout Syndrome
    • Why it happens
    • How we can recognize it
    • Behavior change
    • Surrounding reactions
    • How to deal with burnout syndrome
    • When to visit a doctor
    • How to prevent the burnout syndrome
  • The differences between burnout syndrome and fatigue syndrome or depression syndrome
  • Personal and professional priorities
  • Life “buttresses” and life balance
  • Definition of stress, its impact on our thinking, mental and physical life
  • Deal with stress, stressors’ optimalization
  • Mental – relaxation


  • Program is run in an interactive way.
  • Personal examples from experience help with a mutual exchange of experience.
  • The important part is practicing relaxation techniques.
  • The training is led by a lector who is experienced in preparing people who are sent into crisis areas and also in therapeutic work with people in burdensome regime.


Public course length:
1 day
Course for company length:
1 day - 2 days

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