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360 Degree Feedback Workshop

Many of us today think about what we would like to change in our behavior in order to be more successful. Some of us have it in the job description; somebody is driven by his natural desire to improve himself/herself. We can easily measure what the level of our knowledge is in professional "hard" area. We can use easy tests. With "soft" skills it is more difficult. Each of us who has already taken part in an appraisal, which included soft skills of the person, knows how difficult it is to define clearly the level of abilities, skills and attitudes. To find evidence to prove why we see it the way we see it is even more complicated. And it can be even harder to evaluate sincerely ourselves, even though theoretically we know ourselves the best. 360° degrees feedback helps to measure our skills, specifically how we take shape and how others perceive us. This tool helps us to see and describe reality. This is always the first step on the way to improvement. Some people don´t improve only because they don´t have courage to look in the mirror.n order to be able to say, that 360° feedback is a self-development tool, continued work with it is required as well as taking other steps, which lead to change. This tool is not completely new, so how to proceed, so that the evaluation is as objective as possible, the report goes only to the right hands, and to interpret the results in an encouraging not frustrating way, is known. It is like with all excellent tools - it is simple, but not easy.


  • To become acquainted with a process of preparation and realization of 360° feedback.
  • To realize possible difficulties that might appear.
  • To define what we can do in order to get (individual and company) as much as possible from 360° feedback.


  • Preparation company on undertaking 360° feedback
  • Security protection of information
  • Creation of a control group
  • Structure of questions
  • Compilation of results
  • ossibilities, in how to interpret results


  • The workshop is run in an interactive way.
  • It is led by a lector who has a practical experience in this area.


Public course length:
half day
Course for company length:
half day - half day

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