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Trainings and courses

We lead our trainings interactively, with emphasis on the active involvement of the participants. With us, people learn and master techniques of doing things in new, more efficient ways. Depending on necessity, other methods facilitating the natural learning process are used, such as coaching or moderated discussions. We can prepare each training to specifically suit the needs of your company.

Find course exactly for you, it is simple:

Courses we offer:

For Asistents

Telephone Skills

Key moments in telephone contact, importance of first impression, solving conflicts on the telephone, utilization of voice. Suitable for employees in receptions, call centers, back office.

Employee´s Appraisal

Structure of an appraisal form, competencies, goal setting, structure of an appraisal and the way how it is led, expected and reached results.

For Employees of call centers, help desks, customer service departments


Basic principles of negotiation, setting borders and looking for solutions acceptable for both sides. Suitable for salespeople, whose competence is closing contracts including the change of conditions.

Customer Care

Basic principals of customer care, how to surpass client’s expectations, communication via phone, conflicts nad claim solving.

For HR

Effective Team Cooperation

What is and what it is't a team, phases of team development, Belbin's team roles and how to use this methodology.

For Internal trainers

Personality Typology based on MBTI

One of the most frequently used typologies, helps specify differences between people, improve communication and cooperation based on a better understanding of ourselves and others, knowledge of this typology enriches our leadership skills.

Train the Trainer (Accelerated Learning)

To become acquainted with basic skills which we need in order to successfully lead trainings for adults.

For Management

How to Select an Employee - Leading Interview

How can we find and choose the right peopl, what should the role of the HR Manager be and what is the role of the Line Manager in the process, which of our expectations are unreal and which ones we should keep.

For Others

For Salesmen and key account managers

Argumentation and Discussion

Using arguments, differentiation between evidence and statement, appropriate formulations, persuasive techniques.

Employee´s Appraisal

Structure of an appraisal form, competencies, goal setting, structure of an appraisal and the way how it is led, expected and reached results.

For Specialists

Emotional Intelligence

What abilities, skills and attitudes play a role in whether a person is a good team player, can overcome daily stress situations, or if he/she has the potential to lead a team?

Professional Communication in Difficult Situations

Communication in situations in which different sides have different points of view and an optimal solution is different for each of them and negative emotions dominate over logic.

For Supervisors

Successful Management of Change

Importance of changes, why we don't like them, how to manage an individual change, steps of process of group change, how to lead people in process of change

Effective Meetings - the use of facilitating tools for better results

Familiarization with different types of meetings and appropriate facilitating tools.