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Employee evaluation

Companies feel a need to establish regular appraisals and to use them as motiavational, development and performance management tools. In most companies different groups of employees exist based on areas and levels in the company hierarchy (production, sales, workers, management, administartive staff etc.) which is why it is important to very carefuly find a balance between many types of appraisals for different groups of employees and keeping an appropriate simplicity of the system. The simplicity can keep each system running for a long time. A company can find themselves in two extremes. A. The method of appraising covers  specific needs and situations of each group precisly. It sounds good, but if we follow the thinking - it could happen that in one company 30 types of forms and 50 different competencies exist. The result of this situation could be that even to find the appropriate form is a problem and finally there is no common language (in competencies) and no possibility to compare level of people (which this system should bring). Finally each appraiser evaluates based on his/her own method. Extreme B. system is so unified that it covers the needs and situations of no one.

It is also very important for managers to be aware of establishing an appraisal system is one point and to keep it running and to use it in an effective way is a "neverending story".


  • To establish an appraisal system based on real needs and sitation of a client.
  • To prepare apprasers and apprasees through trainings and workshops for leading an appraisal.


Requiered information

  • Company structure
  • Materials about company culture, values, long term and short term strategy
  • Job descriptions
  • Information obtained from interviews with management
  • Current way of appraisal and renumeration
  • Any other relevant documents


Process phases (generally - it has to be adapted based on assignment)

  • Analysis of basic information
  • Interview with management
  • Establishment and description of competencies for different groups
  • Creation carreer plan
  • (Creation of renumeration system)
  • Creation an appraisal form(s)
  • Pilot appraisals
  • Final modification based on pilot appraisals (if necessary)
  • Presentation of the new system to management
  • Trainings of appraisers and appraisees in how to lead an appraisal
  • Real appraisals
  • Analysis of results - outcomes (individual training plans, training plans for the whole company and other recommendations)
  • Analysis of process - recommendations (proposals for change of the appraisal process, proprosals for change of form(s) and competencies)

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