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Burnout Syndrome (a book)

The book "Burnout" from Myron D. Rush has surprised me in several points. I've always thought that the burnout syndrome can only affect people who have demanding work and devote too much time to it. To my surprise I found out that also women, who have attentively taken care of their families for a long period of time, are vulnerable to this condition, whether they had demanding work or not.

I also thought that such a thing could never happen to me. So far, I am not a true "example", but in the course of reading the book I realized that I am "well" on the way. I just needed to hold on to the lifestyle I had been professing so far for a little while longer and in some time I could have written a very authentic book about burnout.

Also the conviction that it is enough to have a good rest and the burnout is overcome has proved wrong.

And so I could continue with other things that have taken me by surprise.
In the book you find out that the more independent, energetic and in some sense also competent a person is, the bigger the danger is. By and large, all of us are endangered.

The book is a pleasant and understandable read. We can therefore clearly imagine everything written in the book and compare it with ourselves and the people closest to us.

I recommend to those of you who don't like terms like God, god's commandments and so on to overcome such aversions, substitute the above mentioned terms with the ones acceptable for you, like universe, natural powers, people's wisdom, etc. and to read the book.

I think that if you pick at least three recommendations about what to change in your life-approach and if you keep these recommendations, the time investment (not to mention the financial) you made in reading this book will seem laughable when compared with its benefits.

Even in the situation when you are also not yet a true "example". There is nothing like prevention.

I wish you pleasant reading and don't forget to take good care of yourself, you are the most valuable thing you have!

Zuzana Osininová

BURNOUT, Practical help for lives under pressure
Author: Myron D. Rush
Victor Books a division of Scripture Press Publications, Inc
Wheaton, Illinois

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