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Vlastislav Burian

Acting Manager, Toyoda Gosei Czech, s.r.o.

We organize employee satisfaction surveys in a questionnaire format with Else every year. Last year we followed up with the next step – workshops with selected employees. The goal was to uncover more specific opinions of employees in areas that did not receive optimal results in the questionnaire survey and in areas which our company management considered as crucially important. It allowed us to accurately do targeted measures in order to improve our employees satisfaction.

In our cooperation with Else we appreciate:

  • Consultants support us during the whole process - recommendations for higher response rate, writing information texts, creation of questionnaire, giving proper collection boxes etc.
  • Projects run according to the time schedule which is set in advance without unnecessary delays.
  • The analysis of data and presentation of results are done professionally.
  • Outcomes are well organized and transparent.
  • Consultants support us in using results of the survey for real improvement in satisfaction.

Generally we are very satisfied with our cooperation and will continue with it.