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Tomáš Vavera

General Manager, Westvaco Svitavy s.r.o.

The Else Company organized a three day Presentation skills training in English for us, which also involved individual coaching. The goal of our cooperation was to prepare our Top Management for an international meeting within the framework of MeadWestvaco Corporation. We successfully started a process optimization project at the beginning of 2009 at our Svitavy plant. At this meeting we presented how the project was run, results, and benefits to our foreign colleagues. We have invested considerable effort in this project in the last 3 months which is why we wanted to be well prepared for this final meeting and presentations.

Although we are not beginners in the area of giving presentations, the trainers of Else were able to help us find some areas for improvement in our performances and in the design of our presentations. Three days of intensive cooperation helped us eliminate errors in presenting, creating, and practicing our presentations, as well as preparing ourselves for possible reactions from our listeners.

We attribute the effectiveness of the training to its concept which was based on a considerable amount of practice (each of us gave 9 presentations in front of a camera over a 3-day period), coaching during performances, and immediate individual feedback. Additionally each participant received a CD at the end of the training, where all his/her presentations were recorded, so we now have material for preparation for other meetings in the future.