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Roman Macháček

Operations Manager, Dura Automotive Systems CZ, s.r.o.

We have addressed ELSE with the following assignment: we need to change the company climate, to strengthen trust in company management and to involve employees more into active decision-making.

Description of the current situation and clear goal setting didn't happen all at once. It came about step by step during discussions with ELSE consultants.

Afterwards we agreed on how to reach our goal. We accomplished it in two steps. The first step was interviews with key people - front men and team leaders. This step helped consultants understand the situation even more and above all to involve some of the people into problem solving immediately.

The next step involved leading common workshops lasting several days with front men, team leaders and TOP production management. These workshops were focused on improving communication skills and problem solving, etc., but above all on a conscious creation of an atmosphere of mutual trust, willingness to cooperate and to take over responsibility for results.

The change was seen in the company step by step through a better atmosphere in the workplace. Today people actively bring new ideas for improvement to the company. If a problem appears, people are more focused on finding solution instead of looking for the guilty party. Everything is solved faster than before.