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Michal Špaček

Manager of Sales Team, Hypocentrum Modré pyramidy stavební spořitelny a Komerční Banky

I have decided to participate in the Presentation skills course provided by Else in order to improve my ability to present in front of people. I knew all recommendations and rules theoretically but I needed support in order to turn all these suggestions into practice.

Most of all in the course I appreciated:

  • Two trainers - both trainers worked with everybody individually
  • Intensity of the training – based on this I improved my presentation skills significantly in a short period of time
  • Coaching during presentations – it helped all of us to eliminate bad habits and use more of what we are good in
  • Individual feedback which each participant received after each presentation – during this feedback I could see on my record what I do well and I still have to improve

On reflection of  my daily communication with clients I realized that I use most of the things I practiced in the course. “To observe ourselves is one of the highest levels of horror”  as one participant said. From the other side, it is a surprisingly effective way of development, which I can recommend to everybody who needs to present to people.