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Lucie Vosáhlová

HR Manager, WAVIN Ekoplastik s.r.o.

We have been cooperating with Else in the realization of 360° feedback for our employees. The assignment of the project wasn’t easy:

  • 360° feedback (including follow-up consultations at the time of individually handing over the reports) for 36 employees – supervisors and managers. 2 types of questionnaires were used.
  • There were more than 200 respondents.
  • The length of the project had to be a maximum of 2 months.
  • Most respondents filled in their questionnaires in Czech, a few of them in English, which means that the questionnaires had to be available in both languages.
  • Most respondents filled it in on-line, the rest in paper form.
  • We had the possibility to ask for the final reports in Czech or in English.
  • For every 360° feedback there was a consultation with the evaluated person, if needed in English.
  • Consultations were run not only in Kostelec nad Labem and Horní Počernice, but also in Ostrava and Jihlava.

In our cooperation we appreciate the following:

  • Professionalism and experience of consultants. They were able to give reasons for suggested processes.
  • Possibility to combine processing of 360° feedback in Czech and in English and collection of data in on-line and paper form.
  • Quick solutions to problems with filling in on-line questionnaires if they appeared (in a project of this size some complications always appear).
  • Efforts of consultants to make action plans, which were created during consultations, were meaningful and feasible.
  • Flexibility, which allowed management of the project in a relatively short period of time.

It is too early to evaluate the benefit of this project, but we can summarize what is already known. The 360° feedback project helped us to show our employees that their development is very important for company management; employees were pushed to think about the level of soft skills for themselves as well as their colleagues; they realized the importance of soft skills; we received another source for preparation of development plans.