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Jan Vlček

After Sales Retail, Mercedes-Benz Česká republika s.r.o.

The purpose of our cooperation with Else was to make the process of change in our division easier and more effective.

The cooperation included 360° feedback, coaching of management and trainings, which were focused on leading people and managing processes during the period of change.

We appreciate in our cooperation:

  • Careful preparation and clear definition goals before the project started.
  • Use of different tools for development of people with regard to specific situation.
  • Continuous evaluation of results and accommodation of the process to changing requirements.
  • Focus not just on results in training but particularly in real working environments.
  • Openness and constructive communication in every phase of the project.

Thanks to our cooperation with Else we managed the change faster and were able to easily overcome some demanding moments. Our managers shared new experiences in a structured way throughout the course and progressed in their ability to master demanding situations in daily managerial work.