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Jan Vilímec

General Manager, NOWACO Opava s.r.o.

We have cooperated on the creation of job descriptions and a competency model with Else.Although we could have managed to do it ourselves, we decided to cooperate with professionals in order to save time and to be sure that we would create “user friendly” materials.

In our cooperation with Else we appreciated the following:

  • In the beginning of the project we clearly defined for what and in which way the materials would be used.
  • Consultants were able to convince us through logical arguments to change some of our thinking about the structure of the created materials.
  • They discussed with employees both, individually and in groups in order to clarify for them how the materials were created and how each employee could use them.
  • They created a simple competency model which was understandable for employees.
  • They saved time and effort and cooperation with them pushed us to bring the project to an end in a short period of time. 

We are satisfied with the final version of our materials – they are well arranged, professionally structured, in an adequate size and our employees know how they were created and how to use them.