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Ing. Pavol Hamaj, PhD.

Head of Engineering Department, KONŠTRUKTA-Industry, a.s.

We organized a two day training Time Management and Stress Management, which was prepared by Else. Each topic was run by a different trainer, expert in his/her topic.

We evaluate the cooperation very positively because of the following:

  • The course contained practical recommendations which are applicable in every day work life. Some techniques and processes we practiced so much that we started to use them immediately after the training.
  • The emphasis was put on “what can we do better” and it forced us to reevaluate our current processes and to find possibilities for improvement even in these areas where we didn’t expect it was possible.
  • Each topic was compiled in a different way with regard to its specifics.
  • Trainers master their topics not just theoretically, but also practically – “they do what they teach”. Because of this the course wasn’t just very interesting but also applicable in practice.

Based on the course we started to work more with relaxation in order to prevent situations with negative stress. In the Time Management area we received recommendations on how to define priorities and on how to manage our time, which is always very limited.