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5R Method

The pace of change is unparallel today. In order to keep their place on the market and to win a top position, companies have to constantly go all out and introduce a lot of changes that will bring real competitive advantage. In reality, it is the employees in the companies, who undergo the changes. The more communicative, open and result oriented the employees are, the bigger is the chance of the company to reach the set results. This, of course, in case of the processes set in a flexible way, of fresh strategy etc.

The whole process of reaching some change (increasing the turnover, increasing the profit, increasing the effectiveness of the department etc.) comprises several key points that have to be gone through in order to reach the goal. The 5R Method is a good framework for implementing change. Else AZ can support your business across all 5 steps or just at the part where you need their expertise and support. In any case, if the company, department or individual do not go through these points, the guarantee of reaching the planned results is very insecure.

We know from experience that all 5 steps are crucial in order to effect sustainable change and that not doing any of the steps will minimize success. The whole process is flexible and depends upon the requirements of the clients and of the situation.

The individual points cannot be viewed as steps that have to be taken in the exact order. They can dissolve. However, if some of them is not filled up in the right extent in the right moment, it can block up the whole process.

5R Method secures that all the activities aim at reaching the required results.

5R Method comprises the following points:


Finding out resources for reaching the stated goals

It is necessary to find the resources within people, in other words the sources that help them reach the planned goals. These sources can consist in dealing with others, in understanding the main goal of their position, in the ability to delegate, in time management etc. Finding out the reserves can help show the possibility of change, it can give the trust to reaching the defined goals and for the most part it helps clarify the way of reaching them.


Accepting responsibility for decision making and results - the willingness to accept healthy risk

The decisions and their impact on people, resources and money are often underestimated by people who never carried real responsibility for reaching goals and for carrying out unpopular measures. Many good intentions end exactly in the moment when it is necessary to make a decision and accept healthy risk. In today's world, it is impossible to reach success without accepting risks. Lasting certainty does not exist. People should understand that making no decision is often worse than making a wrong decision.


Trainings, coaching, proposing of new or improving of existing processes

Realization point comprises different activities that arise from previous points or from the tools of the point of reflection, i.e. trainings, on-job coaching, moderated discussions, elaborating career plans, optimizing of processes, defining of company values etc.


Stabilization of reached results, so that the new level become a standard

After all the different activities an individual has gone through, to reach their stated goal, it is necessary to install new balance - to stabilize and sustain these results. This means that each individual, team or the whole company operate on the new level without participation of an external company (with the exception of outsourcing) or with a moderate support. The new balance is a base for looking for new opportunities and realization of further changes.


Measuring (Assessment) methods, that reflect current state objectively

In every moment it can be desirable to use some of the objective measuring methods that help describe current state (360 degrees evaluation, survey of employees' satisfaction, survey of clients' satisfaction, personal audit etc.)