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Why to choose Else AZ?

Who are we?

Else International is a Central European organization supporting local and global companies in speeding up their development processes to build short term and long term profitability for the business. We build our cooperation on a shared partnership approach to create measurable and tangible results. Measurement and continuous feedback from those involved in the process is an important tool for optimizing development action plans. We ensure that in our partnerships we develop together a new system which is able to continuously recreate itself independently.

What we believe and what are our merits?

Else International believes that changes are as a direct consequence of decisions. We support managers and leaders in making proactive and optimal decisions. The background of decision-making lies in the ability of a healthy risk taking and continuous and flexible evaluation of the reactions to our environment.

Our special coaching technology helps support change in managers and leaders and creates a supportive and challenging environment for them to create supportive cooperation and a high level of commitment from all participants of a development process.

What know-how do we have?

Else International Development Centre has its own unique approach, the "Method 5R", which supports personal development of managers and their teams by using information from measurement methods and personal audits. This process enables a high return of investments for companies which invest in these projects. Our strength is quick reaction to clients' requests and an ability to involve Central European market know-how in our solutions.