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360 Feedback

 This is a modern and relatively objective instrument enabling us to determine the level of particular skill/competence of the examined person from the point of view from people that know the individual and how they operate at work. As a part of a development programme it helps to identify the strengths and the space for improvement. This makes it possible to invest into training and educational activities in a goal-directed and effective way.


  • To get to know how other people perceive our people skills.
  • To compare the opinion of the evaluated person with the opinion of others.
  • To compare the opinion of the evaluated person with the opinion of his/her manager.
  • To find room for improvement.

The process

  • To ensure that the data are as little biased as possible, the collection of the data has to take place outside the company. The respondents are then more open.
  • Filling in of the questionnaires online can save time and therefore money on both sides.
  • It is possible to operate the online system directly and it is optimized so that the user doesn't have to spend more time with it then necessary.
  • We use questions in our questionnaires with even amount of answers so that the respondents cannot choose "average" values. By this measure we increase the information value of the whole investigation.
  • The system enables us to undertake multiple investigations while remembering answers from the previous ones.
  • No one has an access to the evaluations made about him by other users of the system with one exception. The evaluation made by a superior is not anonymous in the final report.
  • Only the evaluated person obtains the final report. By mutual agreement also the superior.
  • Else AZ recommends repeating the review in about half a year or one year. The number of questions can be lowered. In this way it is possible to check if there has occurred the required development in the behaviour of the persons involved.

The principles

  • There is a control group assigned to every examined person. It's members are (in a relation to the person being reviewed) the boss, direct reports, colleagues and internal clients.
  • All of them, including the examined person, have to fill in the same questionnaire. By answering 40 to 80 questions they evaluate the level of skills (behaviour) of the examined person. This person fills in the same questionnaire about him or herself. Usually the forms are completed anonymously.
  • After collecting the data we evaluate the feedback and compile the final report.
  • The results are presented to everybody personally by a facilitator in a form of consultations (in well-founded cases also in a form of a workshop). Every participant also obtains the report in writing.

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